HOLY ****.

Just when I thought nature couldn’t get any scarier, a spider, a lobster and a horse have a kid. Why does this thing look like it could sit in a chair and carry on a conversation with me? And you know he’s a fighter. If my face were made out of jalapeños and barbwire I’d beat the crap out of every trick who got in my way. I read that these things come from Iraq. So we’ll add that to our list of things that come from Iraq — body parts, people who hate us and spiders who buy no-tangles Johnson & Johnson.


One response to “HOLY ****.

  1. That is mortifying. This is the scariest animal cross-breed I’ve seen since manbearpig. So, here’s where the serious debate starts:

    What is more dangerous to America – an animal that is half man, half bear, half pig; or an animal that is half spider, half lobster, and half horse?

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