Kids say the darndest things! ^__^

More substitute teaching goodness this past week. I was in a class, trying not to be obvious about texting with a friend (“Hmmm, no bars…) and overheard the following conversation, already in progress.

(**Wesley, Darius and Sarah are black. Ryan is a son of the soil, or a hillbilly. And yes, this actually happened.)

Wesley: Who?

Sarah: That guy. Who said that stuff about the Rutgers girl’s basketball team.

Wesley: Don Imus? Called them nappy-headed hos.

Sarah: Yeah.

Ryan: Well they are.

Wesley: What?

Darius: What?

Sarah: What?

Ryan: I don’t know.

Darius: Alright man, that’s enough. We let you get away with all the nigger jokes, but that’s it.

Ryan: Nappy-headed isn’t racist.

Sarah: Yeah it is!

Ryan: No it’s not. What does nappy-headed even mean? Is it, like, your hair?

Sarah: Well… it’s kind of like, dirty, or… I don’t know. But he shouldn’t have said it.

Ryan: Well, maybe they are nappy.

Darius: Dude, I hope you go to jail and get raped by a black person.

Wesley: There are some big guys in jail.

Darius: All they do is work out.

Sarah: They lift weights all day.

Ryan: Man, no one’s going to rape me.

Darius: What are you going to do?

Ryan: Fight them.

Wesley: Fight them? Man, that’s like you fighting your little sister. Except you’re your little sister.

Ryan: Whatevs.

Needless to say, there was much lulz. It’s things like this that make my day that much more bearable.


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