Except the kid is me and the Nintendo 64 is LOST.

Finally! After eight months of sitting through the wasteland that is summer TV, the writers strike, and Gossip Girl, good television is back. It’s back, and ready to murder every Lipstick Jungle and Dance War dumb enough to stand in it’s way. Watching the promos for the season premier and listening to Jack’s, “We have to go BACK!”, for the past month has put a smile on my face and a big wet spot on my pants. Of course you all watch the show, and know that season three’s smack-you-upside-the-head finale left us with boocoo questions:

1. Who gets off the island?

2. Who’s COMING to the island?

3. Ben said that if others came on the island, everyone would be killed. Can he be trusted?

4. Will Jack keep his stylish drunkard’s beard?

Hopefully, these questions and more will be answered come Thursday night. LOSTWATCH!! will be back, because there’s really no such thing as talking about this show too much. Thursday night, if it comes down to attending a close friend’s funeral and watching LOST, I’d seriously consider staying in.


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