LOSTWATCH!! – “I’m one of the Oceanic Six!”

And it’s back! And oh, how sweet it is. Since it’s been announced that LOST will be ending after it’s sixth season, we can all rest assured that answers to questions we’ve had for the past three years will be forthcoming, maybe sooner than we think. Still, that didn’t stop the new season premier from throwing a whole slew of new questions right in our stupid faces. “The Beginning of the End” begins with another flash-forward, this one Hurley-centric. I wasn’t sure who we were going to be seeing this week. I thought it likely that we’d see Sawyer either drinking the orange juice or driving the Camaro. Instead, we see Hurley, leading police on an OJ-style car chase. When he’s finally caught, he’s dragged away screaming, “I’m one of the Oceanic Six!”

Obviously, the Oceanic Six are the Losties who got off the island. Already, some new questions.

1. Why only six? This implies that, either, there were only five others who decided to leave the island with Jack (two of which are Kate and Hurley). Or, a lot of people get killed before Jack and company get off the island. The latter is probably the safer bet.

2. What changed Hurley’s mind? Originally, he chose to go with Locke. Later, in the flash-forward, he apologizes to Jack about his decision. Why so sorry?

Hurley’s hallucinating. Charlie, back from the dead, is telling him that “they” need him. He’s institutionalized, and shortly thereafter receives a visit from the mysterious Matthew Abbadon, who some of you may recognize as Desmond Mobay (the undercover cop with the fake Jamaican accent) from HBO’s Oz.

Abbadon: Lissen, brodda. We wanna get’cha anew hospital room, ‘ya hear? One wid a view of ‘de oshawn.

Hurley: Can I see some business cards dude?

Abbadon: … Adebisi’s ‘gon make a move on ‘ya, brodda.

Obviously, Abbadon isn’t on the up and up. More questions.

3. Who does Abbadon represent? Why is he harassing Hurley?

Back on the island, Hurley gets lost in the jungle and stumbles upon Jacob’s cabin. Peeking in through the window, he spies two people. There’s Locke, who is able to convince Hurley that he’s not such a bad guy, just misunderstood. Then there’s Jacob, or is it… CHRISTIAN SHEPHERD!? Take a look at the picture. It doesn’t look like the snippet we saw of Jacob in last season’s “The Man Behind the Curtain”. Another question.

4. WTF?

Locke convinces a bunch of the castaways that Naomi and her group might not be who they say they are. He says he’s going to take his group back to New Otherton to hunker down until things cool off. Of course, things won’t work out that way, because on LOST island, that’s just not how the game’s played. Locke and his group leave, as Jack and company wait for Naomi’s crew to come rescue them. Flash-forward, and we see Jack visiting Hurley in the mental hospital. Hurley says he’s sorry for choosing to go with Locke over Jack, and thinks they have unfinished business back on the island. Jack doesn’t like that at all and leaves. Jack’s lack of a beard shows that this flash-forward is set before the one we saw in the season three closer. What does it all mean? Only time will tell.

It’s back, and like sweet, sweet heroin, you’re left wanting more. Can I die a happy man now? Of course not, stupid, because there’s more LOST (and another LOSTWATCH!!) next week!


One response to “LOSTWATCH!! – “I’m one of the Oceanic Six!”

  1. Great story. Compelling, and rich.

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