The New Face of Comedy

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who is this chick and why is she swinging from the ceiling in some cabin, legs all akimbo and shoes untied?” The answer: Her name is Sarah Silverman, and she’s a different kind of comedienne. She’s not afraid to “go there” or “get in your face”, and get in your face she does! All over your face. How does she do this? Why, through her own brand of offensive humor and crazy facial expressions, of course! She’ll make fun of anything. From religion, to God, to Jesus, to religion. No one is safe! Isn’t that crazy? If I had to rate her on some kind of “funny scale” (a ridiculous idea!), she’d be right between Carlos Mencia and the Jerky Boys. So now you have some idea of what I’m talking about. And sarcasm.

Sarah, best known for a guest role on a 1996 episode of Star Trek: Voyager, also co-starred in the HBO comedy series, Mr. Show with Bob and David. Here, she used her comedic stylings to help create a unique blend of funny (Mr. Show) and unfunny (Silverman). Now, Comedy Central, trying and failing to recapture some of that Dave Chappelle magic, has given her her own show. Watch each week as Sarah says crazy things like “vagina!”, and calls religious people crazy, much to the chagrin of her sister and gay neighbors. Hilarious.

Despite her racy humor, Comedy Central is happy to have Sarah onboard. CEO Doug Herzog, who asked to remain anonymous, had this to say, “Sarah definitely takes comedy to new heights. Sex and religion are thick, rich, untapped veins of gold. Comedy gold. We’re sure Sarah will load all that aboard the HMS Funnybone and sail us to Comedy Island. I’m not sure if that last analogy made any sense.”

You said it Doug. What’s great about Sarah is that she doesn’t care about writing jokes that make sense, or are even funny. As long as she can get in your face and make you think about the tough issues, like vaginas and religion, she considers her job done. What do we here at the Move think? Well, let’s just say we’ll meet you out on Comedy Island, to get some of that gold for ourselves.


5 responses to “The New Face of Comedy

  1. Hey, don’t forget her time on Greg the Bunny!

  2. Im def bringing my hard drive full of episodes of Mind of Mencia, and The Sarah Silverman Program to LOSTWATCH!

    oh and House too, im def bringing some House.

  3. You’re def not coming, and you’re def out of my life.


  4. Would Move say that Comedy Island is more like Lost Island or Survior Island?

  5. 1. Jimmybing give me back my avatar.
    2. Awww, Sarah Silverman isn’t that bad. I mean, I get tired of her “I’m cute and I say offensive things! But I’m cute so it’s okay!” schtick, but I like the way she parodies the faux concern of NPR listening, McSweeney’s reading late 30somethings, at least in her standup. I’ve only seen her show a few times and it was pretty meh, but at least Jay Johnston’s on it! He rules and I’m always pumped when he’s getting work.

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