LOSTWATCH!! – “My employer is an economist.”

The WTF’s are flying hot and heavy this week, so let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty. We learn right at the start of tonight’s episode that Sayid is the fourth member of the Oceanic Six. The airline company has given him a large cash settlement, which he’s obviously put to good use. He’s bumming around Europe, eating in expensive restaurants, wearing expensive clothes, and capping people who cramp his golf game.

On the island, Sayid strikes a deal with Captain Ron, true as the North Star. He’ll bring him the head of Colonel Montoya Charlotte, in exchange for a helicopter ride off the island. Captain Ron agrees, but lets Sayid know that the Curse won’t be lifted until they’ve found the rest of Cortez’s gold. Sayid sets out with Kate and Miles to track down Locke and his Merry Band of Christians.

Slowly, we’re learning more of the island’s mysteries. It turns out that Daniel, who’s real name is Ray Stanz, is a Ghostbuster. He sets up a small experiment in the hopes that, if he’s successful, the university won’t cut off Dr. Spengler’s funding and they can continue their studies into the paranormal. Daniel radios one of his confederates on the freighter and tells her to “launch the payload.” She fires something, and counts down as it closes in on it’s target. The problem is, it never gets there. At least not for another thirty minutes, or something. It’s not really clear. In any case, all this lends more credence to theories saying that time on Lost Island and time in the real world aren’t necessarily one in the same.

Sayid and company make it to New Otherton, only to find Hurley tied up in a closet. Hurley tells them that Locke got sick of all the lip he was giving him, so they tied him up and left him there. Sayid is really gullible and falls for the whole thing. Smart move, right? WRONG. It was ALL a trick. Locke sneaks up on everybody, then throws Sayid in the Other’s rec-room with Ben. Ben looks pathetic and asks Sayid not to hit him.

In the future, Sayid has met a woman named Elsa, who’s job is just as mysterious as his. She tells him her employer is an economist, and that one day, he’ll call on her. Until then, she’s content to carry around a beeper and fall in love with Sayid. How is this going to pan out? My gut tells me not good, and of course, I’m right. Elsa finally gets that page from her employer, and tells Sayid that she has to rush out to meet him. Sayid shifts into secret agent mode and tells her to get out of town, quick. That way, she won’t have to answer any questions when her employer turns up dead. In a surprise move, Elsa pulls out a gat and shoots Sayid. ZOMGDOUBLECROSS!1 She pulls out her cell phone and in rapid fire German tells her employer that she wasn’t able to find out who Sayid is working for, but that he’s still alive and she’ll bring him to him. Sayid ain’t having none of that. He pulls out his own gun and shoots her. I fully expect everyone to be dead by the time the show ends.

Back on the island, Sayid makes it back to the helicopter with Charlotte in tow. He tells Captain Ron that Locke gave him Charlotte, but only in exchange for Miles. Nobody cares about Miles anyway so it’s all cool. Sayid jumps in the helicopter along with Desmond (who’s really angry about the whole “not Penny’s boat” thing) and Naomi’s dead body, which is starting to look pretty bad. As the helicopter flies back to the freighter, Sayid reflects on all the lasting friendships and strong bonds he’s formed during his time on the island.

In the future, Sayid stumbles into an animal clinic. A mysterious figure with an uncharacteristically deep voice tells him to take off his shirt so he can patch up that gunshot wound. Who is it? Bern! I mean Ben! Isn’t that f****d up!? Sayid is an assassin for Ben! Who for some reason calls him Clarice and asks him if the lambs have stopped screaming yet. I love this show.


3 responses to “LOSTWATCH!! – “My employer is an economist.”

  1. Saw this site via TrekBBS. Funny stuff!
    FYI it’s “Spengler”.

  2. LOST just isnt the same without you by my side. I’m a mess without you. I miss you so damn much. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk. I think once this season is over we should get an apartment together!

  3. Billy, what did I tell you about hitting on my husband. Especially in public forums. You have to get this under control man.

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