Could it be?

Nobody talks about or remembers The Sopranos anymore, but that could all change according to a rumor that popped up in the Baltimore Sun yesterday:

The manager of Satin Dolls, the Lodi, N.J., nightclub known to Soprano fans as the infamous Bada Bing, says Tony Soprano and his crew could be smoking cigars at their favorite gentleman’s club once again – to film a Sopranos movie.

Nick D’Urso said renovations were put on hold after the club received a phone call about plans for a feature film version of New Jersey’s favorite crime family. D’Urso refused to say who contacted him, but he insists the information is legit.

“I got an inside tip that they’re going to do a movie, so I don’t want to make any major changes,” D’Urso said Wednesday. “I’m not going to reveal my sources, but we got a call from somebody [working] on the script.”

An HBO spokeswoman replied to D’Urso’s claims with a firm “no comment”.

I have a feeling there’s no truth at all to this. I thought the series wrapped up nicely in the finale. Do we need a Sopranos movie? What do you guys think?


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