Done One

Keep this on your radar. X-Philes EVERYWHERE are anxiously awaiting the release of the next X-Files picture. Adding to the excitement is a recently-surfaced set of photos that has fanfiction writers all over the world reaching for tissues (and not for the reason you’re thinking of).

Bwaah? Could it be that after all these years, our beloved Mulder and Scully may actually hook up? Are those bottom-feeding fanfiction writers finally being vindicated? The question I’m forced to ask myself is, who would I rather trade places with? If you’ve ever taken a Human Sexuality class you’ll be familiar with the theory that people aren’t completely hetero- or homosexual. This is known as the Chicks/****s Ratio, and is illustrated by the following graphic (right). While the typical male would be, say, 80% heterosexual, the remaining 20% would be attracted to the strong jawline and charmingly self-deprecating humor of David Duchovny. Conversely, while a self-described homosexual male would primarily be attracted to David Duchovny, he finds himself from time to time drawn toward the quiet dignity and move-down-to-the-floor hotness that is Gillian Anderson. As far as the X-Files go, she can expose my government conspiracy anytime.

Who to choose? Such a difficult decision, but at the same time so exciting. Whichever way you swing, the next X-Files movie is sure to offer you something you can fantasize about be great.

The X-Files 2 is due out on July 25th.


2 responses to “Done One

  1. Hm I dont really know what to expect from this movie truth be told… I was really into X files (but werent we all?) and then somehow it lost its appeal… of course I will see it, if for nothing else but for nostalgia sake… 🙂

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Your post made me LOL. I think it’s time Mulder and Scully found some closure, too.

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