“I think she wants me to rub olive oil on your…”

You’d think Baby Mama was written and filmed the weekend before it came out for all the advertising I saw, or didn’t see. Well, scratch that. Whenever Universal has a movie coming out, they usually whore it during their primetime shows. So maybe all the advertising was done during 30 Rock commercial breaks.

What can we say about Tina Fey’s latest? A downside to movies like this is that eventually, they all just sort of blend together in that category of, “Oh. I hadn’t heard of that one.” What sets Baby Mama apart is its wit and dry sense of humor. In it, Fey plays a single woman who, after devoting herself to her job for so many years, is beginning to feel that maternal instinct. When she finds out that she can’t conceive, she hires Amy Poehler as a surrogate mother. But, as expected, things take a crazy turn. Mad crazy.

Fey and Poehler make a great comedy team. Fey writes the jokes and Poehler makes the funny faces. It’s a little formulaic but it works. And after the movie’s over, the one thing you won’t be able to say is that it didn’t make you laugh. Greg Kinnear as Fey’s crush and Steve Martin as the bohemian head of a Whole Foods-like chain of grocery stores make nice additions to the cast.

My only complaint is that Tina Fey only seems to play Tina Fey. Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Baby Mama. Ms. Norbury is Liz Lemon is Kate Holbrook. It’s always the same woman who can’t find a man, is married to her job and has an incredibly dry sense of humor. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Tina Fey and would gladly give up my $7.50 an hour job at the Pancake Shack to move to New York and marry her, but how about something different every now and then?

Baby Mama is a fun movie that will probably be buried now that the Iron Man/Speed Racer/Indiana Jones summer craziness is upon us. If you don’t see this one in theaters, don’t beat yourself up. Watching this one at home would be more fun, and you wouldn’t have those damn kids two rows up sexting each other and ruining your movie. B


One response to ““I think she wants me to rub olive oil on your…”

  1. You know, I didn’t hate this one and I as prepared to. It had a sweetness and the comedic timing was excellent, but I agree Tina Fey is usually just playing herself. I think I said the exact same thing in my own review.

    Well Great Minds………

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