Vampire High School

Has anyone ever heard of Twilight? I’ve never read any of the books, but from the commercials I’m seeing, it looks like it’s about a group of monsters who invade a high school and have sex with all the girls. My question is, if the movie’s all about super-sexy vampires and uncontrolled teenage angst, why did they get some of the ugliest people in the world to play the parts? That main guy out in the front, why does his head look like a block of cheese? What’s with Chris Katan on the far right? Kind of creepy, and not very believable. If the filmmakers wanted a real sex-symbol all those ‘tweens would have been beating each other down to see, they should have stuck with Bill Nighy. Take a look…

Now if that doesn’t get you all moist, nothing will. Anyway, Twilight opens this Friday, and has already sold-out something like 2,000 showings. It’s predicted to make about a million-bajillion dollars opening weekend alone. Of course, that number pales in comparison to the amount of money the adaptations of my own vampire novel, Vampire High School, will make when it comes out. Right now, I’m in talks with Bill Nighy to play the role of Edmund Spookmore, the football star who can only play at night *wink*. Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Vampire High School

  1. lol. its true what you said about the actors and actresses who are casted as the vampires. after reading the first two books and halfway through the third, I am disappointed at to how the vampires are going to be portrayed in the movie.

    The movie Twilight is supposed to be based on Stephanie Meyer’s book that is part of a on going saga. The books are about a young girl named Bella who has just moved to this small town in Washington w/ her father. She falls in love w/ Edward who is a vampire and becomes friends with Jacob who ends up becoming a werewolf by the second book. It ends of getting hard for her b/c Jacob and Edward are legendary enemies and are butting heads. And of course being so “in love” Bella seems like she can’t get her priorities straight.

    Wow I didn’t mean to ramble on as much as I did. It’s my ex-boyfriend’s and my friend’s fault. They are made me read the books.

  2. I’m gonna see it saturdayyeahsaturday we’re gonna seeitagain onsaturday. omgchknsndwch

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