Alrighty FAIL.

My dreams were realized when Universal announced that after thirteen years, they were finally making another Ace Ventura sequel. Even better, this one wouldn’t have anything to do with Jim Carrey, but instead focus on his son, Ace Jr.! And just to prove how awesome the movie would be, Universal wouldn’t even release it in theaters. Nope. Straight to DVD. That’s confidence. Anyway, my hopes quickly sank after I saw this picture.

… The hell? Just to compare…

Remember the hair? Hair that actually had some sort of shape? Ridiculous? Maybe. Ridiculously funny? Absolutely. Now, let’s go back to Ace Jr.

Instead of sticking with Carrey’s timeless classic, the producers had a stylist design this sloppy, Donald Trump looking peice of shit. C’est la vie, Ace. You’re dead to me. And you can keep the DVD.


3 responses to “Alrighty FAIL.

  1. I’m going to hell thinking that the chic was to hot for that tub o shit…what is she…12?

    Your not Chris Hanson are you?

  2. No comment on the Chris Hanson thing. On a completely unrelated note, when you come over to watch movies and play video games, could you bring a big box of condoms?

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