Andy gets hot and sweaty.

I recently watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I usually stay away from anything teenagers might watch, but I was feeling adventurous, so I tuned in. I have to say, I was confused. For a medical drama, it was awfully sexual. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sex as much as the next man, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be having it with my doctor. Although, from some of the things he said during my last prostate exam, he might feel differently.

One thing I learned was that doctors all use big words to describe different medicines and fancy new treatments. It was all a little excessive, if you ask me. In my day, there wasn’t anything a doctor couldn’t treat with cocaine and leeches. Unless you were a woman. Then they’d try opium, or put you in an insane asylum. For the woman’s own good, of course.

In the episode I watched, the doctors had to save a young man who had gotten stuck in a block of cement. I’m not sure why. When I was twelve years old, a mule kicked me in the face. Nobody felt the need to help me. The next day, I was out again, milking cows and bailing hay. Imagine that. No fancy doctors to give me cocaine or have sex with me, and I turned out just fine.

After the show was over, I watched a short preview of next week’s episode. It looks like one of the doctors is sleeping with her dead fiance. During the war, I found out a friend of mine was also sleeping with dead people. Trust me, things didn’t turn out as well for him as they probably will for that doctor. But then again, I guess they never do.


One response to “Andy gets hot and sweaty.

  1. I know of NO other way to get a question to you so I will use this method. What I would like YOU to explain are two questions:
    1. Why is it that Americans will drive right through a RED traffic light but SIT and wait when it turns green??
    2. Why do the Stock Market people ALL CLAP when the stock goes UP and then clap like hell when it goes DOWN? I feel sure you are the only one who can explain this so I will await a message from you. Thanks. My wife and I BOTH wait for your part of the show. And DON’T trim your eyebrown. They make YOU special.

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