TRAILER MONDAY – Tuesday Edition

Another Tuesday, another Tuesday edition of Trailer Monday. First up this week is the hot-off-the-press trailer for FOX’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which tells the story of how f**king awesome Gambit is gonna rock this thing!

Last week, the full trailer for Terminator: Salvation, starring Christian Bale was released. I couldn’t really tell what was going on, with all the big explosions and cool looking robots. But I’d guess it has something to do with Christian Bale working with Shia LeBeouf to keep the All Spark away from Megatron. With all the franchises and sequels and threequels we get these days, especially all the ones with big explosions and cool looking robots, I’d say the success of this one hinges soley on how many obligatory little-kid-in-SUV scenes we get. You know, the ones where the robot flies by and the little kid yells, “Cool!”

Finally, we have the trailer for Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage. This is like a big screen version of Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian Malcolm, from Jurassic Park, which was a big screen version of the book by Michael Crichton. Anyway, it doesn’t have any dinosaurs, that we know of.


One response to “TRAILER MONDAY – Tuesday Edition

  1. I haven’t seen the trailer for Knowing before. Wow… It looks GREAT. (That emergency broadcast signal is probably the creepiest thing ever invented…)

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