It’s the start of a new year, and now that the Oscar nominations have already been announced, the crop of good, art house films will clear out, making way for the pure shit more palatable to the modern movie-goer. Let’s preview!

On February 6th, Push will continue the fine tradition began by Jumper in 2008. Specifically, that of ruining science fiction forever. I’m not exactly sure what’s being pushed here, and judging from the pictures I’ve seen of Dakota Fanning slutting it up, I’m not sure I want to.

Later this month, Liam Neeson will star in Taken, in which he must rescue his kidnapped daughter, played by Maggie Grace, from a life of sexual slavery. Anyone who knows Grace from her work on Lost wishes he would just leave her there.

In April, Universal will release State of Play, a political thriller in which Russel Crowe will attempt to look even more hardcore by growing his hair out long and not shaving. Crowe turned down the lead in FOX’s The Dirty Hippie to play this role instead. Will it pay off? Crowe and Universal are betting it will.


One response to “TRAILER MONDAY

  1. i love how straightforward Taken was, they didn’t bother to dilly dally around with excessive plot twists

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