It looks like there are going to be some pretty good movies coming out in the next few months. Of course, we don’t judge movies on how good they are, but rather the number of explosions the director can cram into things. We also give extra points for every song on the soundtrack is performed by Linkin Park. Michael Bay, we’re all counting on you.

Here’s the full trailer for Terminator Salvation, opening up this May. This prequel/sequel tells the story of how the human/robot war was won by John Connor, who heroically screamed at robots for walking into his line of site.

Public Enemies tells the story of the FBI’s efforts to stop famous criminal John Dillinger during the early 1930s. What’s exciting is that this role finally gives Johnny Depp the chance to use an accent to say charming things. It also gives Christian Bale the chance to scream at an FBI agent for walking into his line of site.

The Escapist was released in the UK this summer, and may or may not be playing in the States. We don’t know. We don’t want to know. Anyway, in the film, Brian Cox plays a father who escapes from Christian Bale escapes from prison to see his dying daughter. While it doesn’t feature any real explosions, it does feature emotional ones. So… half credit.


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