KingsChat 1×02 – “Prosperity”

After a small delay, KingsChat is finally up. Here’s the official synopsis from the Kings website.

When David is blamed for the failed peace talks with Gath, he takes extreme action to get the two sides back to the negotiating table. Sunday’s episode was up and down. David’s role in bringing the Gath military to the peace table.

Was it just me, or did Sunday’s episode seem a little clunkier than the premiere? A lot of the dialogue felt a little stiff, and David’s entire arc seemed muddled. I’m not sure what he did to piss off the Gath (Gathian? Gathites?) delegation. It looked like they were looking for an excuse to leave before he did anything – on a saide note, I enjoyed Mark Margolis as the King of Gath, although every time I saw him all I could think of was, “You wanted it… you got it… Toyotaaaaaaa…”. Anyway, I’m hoping the show doesn’t turn into a How-Will-David-Save-The-World thing every week. I don’t really think it will, but I do know how easy it is for series to settle into overused conventions. Heroes, we’re all looking at you.

As someone who cries every time he thinks of Deadwood’s premature cancellation, it was nice to see Ian McShane back with Brian Cox. Cox, who was really laying the Marlon Brando impersonation on pretty thick, played Guggenheim, who I’m assuming Silas deposed before taking control of Gilboa. Silas keeping him around and in prison for no other reason than to piss him off created a really interesting dynamic, and whatever Guggenheim saw in that photo probably guaranteed that we’ll see him in future episodes.

The introduction of Cox’s character also provided a way for King Silas to spit in the eye of his brother-in-law, after he pulled CrossGen’s gold out of the treasury. Now, he’s… well, we’re not sure what he’s doing. Sitting in his office twirling his mutache from the look of it. When Queen Rose took a break from organizing state dinners to come in and mentioned bringing back his son, who was exiled from the King’s court, well… suspense! All I’ll say is that I’ve missed Macauly Culkin, and I’m sure you have too.

One last thought. I know it’s only two episodes in, but Kings isn’t doing so well in the ratings. Because the show needs to turn that around, and quick, if it has any hope of being renewed for a second season, please, I beg you, tell your friends about this show. I keep having these dreams where, in the future, all we have to watch is American Idol, CSI: San Antonio, and reruns of Joey. Think of the children.


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