KingsChat 1×03 – “First Night”

Here’s the synopsis of “First Night,” from the official website…

King Silas makes a sacrifice to save the life of his illegitimate child, while Jack, who has ulterior motives, takes David on a wild night out.

The Queen and Jack are ramping up their campaign against David. Jack I can understand, but I’m not exactly sure what Queen Rose has against him. Taking away his ticket to First Night was pretty [RickJames]cold-blooded[/RickJames], and I’m thinking that her meddling in Michelle’s relationship with David is eventually going to blow up in her face. For the time being, Michelle seems content on pouting when her mother does something she doesn’t like, while more or less staying in line, but it’s one of those things where you know it isn’t going to stay that way. My guess is that as things get rockier for King Silas, he and David will become closer allies, and Michelle will support him over her mother and Jack (not to mention William Cross and CrossGen (I love witty names)).

So tonight, Jack takes David out for a night of general debauchery. After Jack said that he couldn’t even begin to tell David how batshit crazy the Shiloh party scene was, I was half-expecting to see some Nicholas Cage in 8mm type thing where people snort cocaine off of strippers’ chests while fornicating each other. But dancing under red mood lights is pretty crazy too, I guess. We caught a little glimpse of Jack’s relationship with his “boys.” I wonder if, after having the smack-down put on him by his dad, he’s going to try and swear his lifestyle off. I imagine that when it hits him again, it’s going to hit him hard.

Every time I see Eamonn Walker, he looks about a foot taller than the last time I saw him. After Silas had him brought out to the woods to “seek council,” I’m wondering if the two are going to patch things up. Silas’ mood also seems to have changed a lot from the premiere. First, he tells Reverend Samuels that God could more or less get bent, and now he’s dumping his illegitimate family. I thought it was a pretty gutsy move and showed how serious he was about getting back in control of things. That entire last scene was pretty moving, I thought.

With every episode I see, I’m amazed at the show’s production values. I’m sure Kings must cost a fortune to produce, so I will say again, tell your family, your friends, people you go to work and school with, to please, please, please watch this show. I had another dream last night. In this one Future Hiro came back and told Peter Petrelli that, in the future, something horrible had happened, and it was all the Heroes’ fault! Dammit, Future Hiro comes back every season! And NBC is STILL ordering more episodes! Help save good television!


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