TRAILER MONDAY – Kiddie Edition!

This week we’ve got three trailers that’ll make you hate all those kids who cried during the very awkward sex scene in the middle of Watchmen just a little more. Enjoy!

After a very long wait, the adaptation of that children’s classic, Where the Wild Things Are, is heading to theaters this Fall. Unfortunately, it’s being directed by Michael Bay. The “wild things” have been sent from the planet Megatron to watch Megan Fox sex things up with those big old fish lips of hers. Can’t wait!

This next one is really going to knock your socks off. Imagi Studios has teamed up with Capcom to release Mega Man on the big screen! And not just Mega Man, but all of your favorites are there, too! Dr. Wily, the less popular Dr. Cossack, Air Man, Metal Man, Shade Man and whatever the hell he did… wha… huh? Wait a second. What the hell is an Astro Boy? Well… nevermind. This could have been a cool movie.

This September, Sony Pictures is releasing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, which is another children’s book adaptation. Let me tell you, as someone who loved this book when he was in the second grade, and hoped one day to find a way to the magical town of Chewandswallow, this movie has absolutely NO respect for the book that came before it, and is only a further sign of our society’s impulsive need to bastardize good literature in order to make a quick buck. Burn in hell, Sony Pictures.


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