KingsChat 1×05 – “Judgment Day”

Kings has made the big jump to the television graveyard that is Saturday night. I hope you guys are still watching. I was wondering, if Star Trek fans are called Trekkies, and Mad Men fans are called Maddicts, what are Kings fans called? Chumps? Oh, humor! But I digress…

This week we saw Judgment Day, in which King Silas chooses ten criminal or civic cases to preside over. This was only a small part of the episode, but I enjoyed hearing the names of the cases that were picked. These little glimpses the writers give of the world the characters live in have been really interesting to watch. I’d really like to see this show develop some sort of a mythos, much like Battlestar Galactica or Lost. Something to give us a little more history.

Of course, we were still dealing with the fall-out from David’s brother and the insurrection over Port Prosperity from last week’s episode. And if that one didn’t do it for me, this week’s sure did. I hate David’s family. If he’s not willing to support his idiot brother 100% in rebelling against the government, and then won’t do everything possible to get him off the hook afterward, he’s cut off! That little slap David’s mom gave him as she stormed out of the courtroom was just icing on the cake.

This week we were introduced to Andrew Cross, played by the forever-young Macaulay Culkin. He really didn’t have as big a roll in the episode as I thought he would, although I’m sure his character will be fleshed out later in the season. I’m not sure, but the way he was staring absently at that fork while he cleaned it with his napkin makes me wonder if there might be something wrong with him. Did anyone get what was with the shoe William found later in the episode?

With the cases against Reverend Samuels and Doctor Nayar, and then Silas’ visit to Vesper Abadon, I kind of saw this perfect storm coming together in regards to Silas’ relationship with God. While in the pilot, he was ready to be done with Him altogether, in this episode, it seemed like he was coming to terms with God’s role in his life. When Abadon tells him that, because he asked God to be king, he could never count on people being good to him for goodness’ sake, Silas wasn’t angry. It felt like it was something he knew he would have to accept, that he couldn’t change. He also seems ready to patch things up with Samuels, so I’m wondering which side the reverend will land on once William and Jack make their move against Silas.

Now, I know that, at the end of the episode, Katrina Ghent told Silas that she wanted a ministry because of all the “trappings” that came with it, but I thought there was maybe something more there she was just keeping to herself. At least, that’s what I was thinking. Since last week’s episode, she’s certainly turned into Jack’s lapdog, and playing a much more subservient role. Seems like she’s had a pretty big change of heart. Especially when she’s completely shuts Jack down at the end of the episode. And speaking of the prince, once Michelle realizes what he’s up to, that he’s purposely pitting her and David against each other, Jack tells her that with David, he’s fighting for his right to exist. He says he won’t let someone else’s ambition push him off into obscurity. Not after all he’s sacrificed. My question is, what the hell has he sacrificed? Isn’t this the guy who spends the treasury’s money on expensive watches and getting department store clerks to go down on his army buddies? Oh Jack, my heart bleeds for you.

A few more tidbit’s from the episode. Silas saved Ethan, which means that David’s family can finally be nice to him again. Michelle’s health care bill passed. It looks like she had a little help, and I’m wondering if it was Paul she was referring to at the end of the episode when she told David that they could never be together because of a promise she had made. I’m probably way off with that. More likely, it was something to do with the conversation she and Silas had in “Prosperity”. We also saw a little more of Jack’s affinity for men, which I’ve heard is going to be a big plot point in an upcoming episode. As in, Jack being a homosexual isn’t the only way to interpret his relationships. The suspense! Another great episode. The promo for next week was a little vague, so I’ll see you guys here after it airs.


2 responses to “KingsChat 1×05 – “Judgment Day”

  1. It’s too bad the next episode isn’t going to air ’til June, if ever. I felt Saturday night’s episode was a little lackluster, to be honest, but that happens during any television series, I think. The creator, Green, promised that Jack wasn’t going to just be the stereotypical gay villain, and I suppose next episode would’ve complicated his role a bit, but I’m surprised by how unredeemable his character has looked so far.

  2. I think what Jack meant by his sacrifice was, in fact, his sexuality. The fact that he has to hide who he really is, in order to be accepted by his father, and the country. Which is interesting since, in every other way, Gilboa seems to be an extremely modern country, there’s no hint of any kind of racism among the diverse population, but I guess that homosexuality is still taboo.

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