Grab its greatness.

The good folks at Knopf were generous enough to send this over.

For the uninitiated, or those who can’t read, that’s James Ellroy’s (L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia) new book, Blood’s A Rover, which after many many years, will complete his Underworld USA trilogy. This summer, we’ll be reviewing all three books leading up to Rover’s release in September. Every time I crack open one of Ellroy’s books, I turn into a big slobbering idiot, so it’s really hard to articulate how excited I am to read this one.

The back cover is a letter from Ellroy to booksellers, written as only Ellroy can do it. You can read it for yourself below (click the picture for a bigger image).


3 responses to “Grab its greatness.


    I have much to say on the topic, but the vast majority of it can best be summarized by this fresh track from my boy M.C. Handel:

    In all seriousness, this is awesome.

    James, when you contacted me at 1AM I thought for sure that the rapture was upon us and you were saying your tearful goodbyes to we filthy few who were left behind. Much to my relief, you were notifying me of the third coming of Pete Bondurant rather than the second coming of JC.

    In my living room sits the photo of you, me, and Elroy from the Cold 6,000 book signing from high school. We should definitely go to this book signing together.

  2. i just corgasmed in my pants.

  3. Grok it’s groin-grabbing gravity!

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