Am I f**king crazy?

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching Robert Altman’s Shortcuts. The film, along with thousands of others, stars Peter Gallagher. While we were watching, I pointed at the screen and said, “Hey. It’s Billy Zane.” After my wife told me I was crazy, I looked up the movie on imdb – which truly is the source of all knowledge – and sure enough, it wasn’t Billy Zane, but Peter Gallagher. The mistake was mine, but I told my wife that the two could pass as brothers, to which she replied, “You’re a f**king idiot.” So, gentle readers, I throw it out to YOU! Look at the pictures, and tell me whether or not the Zane brothers resemble each other, then look at our doctored photo to see how a f**king idiot like me could have mistaken one for the other.

Side By Side

Zane Gallagher-ized

I think the answer is obvious.


8 responses to “Am I f**king crazy?

  1. The answer is obvious. Billy Zane isn’t as attractive with caterpillar eyebrows and Peter Gallagher looks like a completely different person. You’re wrong and you will always be wrong!

    Scratch that. I think you’re absolutely right!

  2. I agree jimmybing! They’re twinsies!

  3. I agree with Billy and Natalie! They could be brothers!

  4. I just can’t stop thinking about how similar they look! I had to comment again!

  5. I just can’t get over it. They look so similar it’s creepy!

  6. OMG! I couldnt stop laughing at the comments

  7. I’ve just done the same watching Titanic 1996 version with Gallagher and thought it was Zane from the 1997 edition, spooky.

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