The return of Chaa-lee?

Apparently, the ABC house is like those commercials where women sitting around talking about how their birth control is making flowers grow out of their lady-parts. In this latest promo we’re given a hint as to what may be coming in Lost’s sixth and final season (only thirty-six months away!). In it, we see Patrick Dempsey, Ed O’Neil, Courtney Cox, and Dominic Monaghan playing foosball, laughing, and just having a good old time. At one point, Patrick looks up at Ed and says, “I thought you were dead.” Dominic leans over to Courtney and whispers, “I was dead once. Didn’t much care for it,” to which Courtney replies, “What’s that from?”

What does it all mean? Is it possible that Charlie isn’t dead and is in fact returning to Lost next season? Is it possible that Lost has turned into one big mindf**k and all bets are off next year? The former, maybe. The latter, definitely. Anyway, may the rumors spread like wildfire.


2 responses to “The return of Chaa-lee?

  1. It’s been confirmed; Cha-lee is deeeeeed. He won’t be coming back to life on LOST.


  2. what IS “i was dead once. didn’t much care for it” from?! i cant remember!

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