Ever since Robert Pattinson made sexing up prepubescent girls cool again, everyone’s been eager to jump on the vampire train. This January, Daybreakers will be bringing the sexy back. Except instead of Pattinson’s junkie skin, we’ll have Ethan Hawke’s snaggle tooth, which come to think of it, would be really difficult to bite people with.

After 27 years, some studio exec finally wised up and said, “Hmm. Tron. What can we do with that?” Unfortunately, we still don’t know. We do know that the new movie DOESN’T feature the Tron Guy, which is a disappointment in and of itself.

Lastly we have the teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. After watching it, I’m not sure the movie’s actually supposed to be good so much as scare the shit out of little kids and give Johnny Depp another opportunity to run around in crazy makeup. It’ll bring down at least 300 million in the US.


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