TRAILER MONDAY – Gamer Edition

This is an exciting couple of months for video game fans. Companies are giving us plenty of reasons to throw our money away. As the French say, the creme de la creme…

While playing the first Modern Warfare, my sister asked me, “Which ones are the bad guys?” Easy. The bad guys are brown, unless they’re wearing United States uniforms, in which case they’re comic relief. Oh, stereotypes.

The first Bioshock made a big splash when it was released in 2007. Unfortunately, Bioshock 2 was pushed back from late 2009 into 2010. Now, Batman: Arkham Asylum is being called the Bioshock of 2009, instead of Bioshock 2, which (I assume) is being called the Bioshock of 2010. Not sure if that really applies since it’s actually a Bioshock game. Maybe they should call it the Arkham Asylum of 2010, or the Bioshock 1 of Bioshock 2s.

Left 4 Dead 2 is set in New Orleans. With all of the running around, shooting, and setting things on fire you do, it could just as easily have been called Hurricane Katrina.

In an ongoing effort to squeeze all life and vitality out of the Halo franchise, Microsoft has released a live-action trailer for the upcoming Halo: ODST. I’ve got to admit, it looks pretty snazzy. For a second there it was almost like Halo was actually cool or fun to play. Reality check!


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