FlashForward – “D. Gibbons is a bad man.”`

The world is still trying to come to terms with the effects of the Flashforward. Some people are handling it better than others.

Aaron: You know, I could walk up to anyone and ask, “What did you see?” and they would all say—

Mark: Your beard! A**hole… *glugluglug*

Mark is still upset about Olivia’s vision and is becoming more paranoid about this Lloyd Simcoe character. Over at FBI headquarters, the Team is met by Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Anastasia Markham, who’s none too pleased that they’ve taken it upon themselves to investigate the Flashforward.

Anastasia: You hope you’ll find out what happened during the blackout? No one spends millions of dollars on hope!

Stan: I guess someone forgot to tell Barack Obama! Ya burnt!

Demetri is still freaking out about his non-vision. Mark’s tried calming him down, but he hasn’t been much help. Things change when they meet up with the local police in Pigeon, Utah.

Cop: I didn’t see anything, either.

Demetri: Really?

Cop: Yeah.

Demetri: You know, I think thing’s are gonna be alright.

Then this happened…

At the hospital, Olivia’s finally met Lloyd. She swore to Mark that no matter what happened, she could never feel anything for this man, but she’s finding it tough to resist that windswept hair and saucy British accent!

Lloyd: How do I tell my son that his mum is dead?

Olivia: Make me feel like a real woman.

Lloyd: Huh?

Olivia: Gotta go!

This is the point in the show where someone turns on one of the Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks. We flip through quick shots of everyone winding down after a long day.

Stan stops by the office to drop off some cupcakes.

Janice: Flash forward to my ass ballooning two sizes LOL!

Demetri: Oooohohohohoha! I like you!

Stan: Hey guys shut up a minute. I don’t know if you saw this, but we triangulated the calls that Gibbons chick made on her cellphone, and it looks like she was talking to Suspect Zero…during the blackout!

Demetri: Woah!

Janice: Mmmphphphhpgoohcupcake…

A little birdie tells me that this week’s episode will have people everywhere asking when the characters will quit acting like cardboard cutouts! Tune in!


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