Heroes goes lesbian

Science tells us that NBC’s Heroes is a horrible television show. It began with great promise, but due to the 2007-2008 Writers Strike + lack of vision + bad acting + bad writing, the show quickly devolved into a jumbled mess of mixed up superpowers, time-traveling Asians, and endless catastrophes befalling Future New York City. The show is hemorrhaging viewers, and to reel them back in the writers have a great idea: girl on girl action! Will it work? You tell me. Check out this steamy promo pic showing Hayden Panettiere and some chick who thankfully isn’t Ali Larter getting down and dirty.

Steamy. I think this is going to leave audiences wondering how long it’ll be before the show dies in the ditch it dug for itself.


2 responses to “Heroes goes lesbian

  1. It’s always just a matter of time.

  2. Lesbians are not really interesting. well, maybe for those ones who watch a porno with them. but for reality show it is a bad idea i think. it will hardly be a great amount of people who would be really interested in watching such a show. not surprising, everything was bad there.

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