NBC to Heroes: “Goodnight sweet prince.”

Sources at NBC have told sci-fi site Airlock Alpha that execs may be looking to put the kibosh on Heroes, maybe as early as the end of this season.

“There isn’t much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving it a ‘final chapter’ feel is something the network is considering to help allow the show to go out with a bang,” said the source, who asked not to be identified.

While Heroes started out strong in its first season, its story has since turned into one giant clusterf**k and the show can never seem to decide exactly what it wants to do with itself. Is Sylar a good guy or a bad guy? Should we give Suresh mutant powers or not? Should everyone be able to swap powers so we can up the big explosion and cool factors? All important questions, but one thing is for sure: Future Hiro will comes back in time to tell someone that the world is in trouble…and only the Heroes can save it!

For now, you can file this under “Rumors.” You can also file it under, “It’s About Time.” “Everytime Ali Larter Tries Acting Sexy I Want To Punch Myself In The Privates,” would also be acceptable.


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