V kicks off tomorrow

ABC’s remake of the classic sci-fi miniseries begins tomorrow, so you’ve got an important decision to make: Will you instead watch So You Think You Can Dance, or The Biggest Loser? I keeed, I keeed. I’m sure the show is going to be great. Well, scratch that. I’m not sure, actually. Every time I see that promo with Muse playing in the background I ask myself what exactly it is that ABC wants the show to be. Do they want something gritty and realistic, a show about people who slowly come to realize that these aliens are planning on taking over the planet, or do they want…a music video…for Muse. Add that to the fact that the show is going to take a months-long break after airing only the first four episodes, and I start feeling sad.

But of course I’ll be watching. And when the show is wildly successful I’ll put up with its seven-month long breaks in between seasons, and the questions that it won’t answer until its last couple of episodes. Why do I keep dating the same girl?


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