5 Reasons FlashForward is a Flash in the Pan

I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately, trying to decide whether or not I’m as into FlashForward as I thought I’d be. I have to tell you, I don’t think I am. It’s possible that more soul searching may be required. Anyway, Cinema Blend posted an article today that sums up a lot of my problems with the show perfectly. Par exemple…

The (yawn) characters (yaaaawwwwnn) are “yaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn”:

Benford is an alcoholic. Demetri might die. After that, do we really care about anyone else in this show? I know I don’t. Benford’s wife is having an affair with some villain? Who cares. The other FBI agent is going to get pregnant? Snooze. Here is the biggest indictment of the whole cast: I have seen every episode and I needed to go on the website to find out any of the other characters’ names. That is bad, bad, bad. Maybe it is my fault for not paying enough attention, but honestly do you know what Mark’s wife’s name is? His sponsor? Anyone else? I know I don’t.

The entire article is compelling, and rich. Check it out here.


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