Under the Dome

Under the Dome, the latest from Skeletor-impersonator Stephen King, hits stores next Tuesday, and Scribner Publishing has just released a trailer for the book. Tell me whether this looks like something from the Master of Horror or Pixar’s latest summer blockbuster, because seriously, I can’t tell.

I’ll admit that this one has me sitting on the fence. King’s writing has dropped off a bit over the years, but the book was inspired by another story he had written close to 30 years ago, so we’ll see. I DO however, have the book preordered. Right now, amazon is offering the book for only $9.00! That deal put me under the table. I couldn’t believe Amazon would offer the book for such a cheap price, and I can’t wait to sit in my domicile and start reading. Of course I’ll read in the dark by lamplight, because that’s the best way to read anything from Stephen. Some of his stuff is truly fit for a king, or King.


3 responses to “Under the Dome

  1. So…it’s a live action version of the Simpsons Movie right?

  2. Trust me, you’re not the first person to make the comparison.

  3. …yes I am.

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