Back again for the first time

You may have heard that there’s money to be made in pointless sequels to classic movies. That’s the idea behind Predator: The Sequel, which is currently filming here in Austin, Texas. Although the movie will feature the classic, be-dreaded alien, the story looks to be much different than the original. For one, the roughnecks you see in the picture above won’t be there. The movie stars Adrian Brody, Topher Grace, and Walt Goggins. Apparently, the three play brothers who’s father has just died. They embark on a voyage of self-discovery on a train through India, and, on the way, learn something about each other, and themselves, and each other. Also, the movie is called The Darjeeling Limited.

Robert Rodriguez has done some great stuff in the past, so who knows, maybe Predators will be great too. But, after the news that he was turning his faux trailer for Machete into a full-length feature, I’m wonder if he’s just looking for excuses to cut stuff up.


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