Friday Night Lights coming to an end?

Word around the campfire is that the cast of Friday Night Lights have been told that after the show’s fifth season wraps filming in June, they’ll be free to commit to other projects. NBC is saying that nothing’s been made official, but executive producer Jason Katims offered this during a recent news conference…

If it winds up being the final season of the show, then I will feel very, very lucky and grateful that we were able to do as many episodes of a show that is so dear to my heart.

I’ll be sad to see the show end, but if it can go out on its own terms, what we’ll be left with is one of the greatest television dramas ever made and we’ll all be spared from ever seeing it drown in Heroes-esque dumbassery. Because nothing’s been made official, file this one under “rumor.” You can also file it under, “more than likely,” since it’s more than likely to be made official soon. Also, file yourself under “stupid” if you haven’t checked out this show yet.


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