LOSTWATCH!! – “He’s coming and they can’t stop him.”

On this week’s Lost we find Sayid visiting some family whom he loves dearly and would NEVER hurt.

Things are awkward enough after Sayid brought Nadia a bouquet of flowers and a lace negligee. Unfortunately, his kids niece and nephew aren’t making things any easier on him.

Later that night Omar wakes Sayid up and delivers some bad news.

Tragedy strikes when the mobsters attack Omar and put him in the hospital. Nadia and Sayid rush to the hospital.

Later that night, Sayid shatters a vase, but Nadia shatters her inhibitions!

And we slowly fade to black. The next day, Sayid’s wearing Omar’s clothes and watering the lawn when a van pulls up to the house and a strange man steps out.

Sayid, whose parents never taught him better, gets in the van. The creepy guy drives him to a shady backroom and it’s there we meet Martin Keamy, and because he spends the entire time talking about eggs I’m guessing he’s one of the real mobster’s cousins and part of some program where they let people who aren’t right in the head come to work for a day. It’s kind of sad, really.

Just for good measure, Sayid shoots him in the head.

He’s embraced his rage and hate and is now one step closer to the Dark Side. Things aren’t going much better for him in our universe. Over there, he’s finally had it with Dogan and his secrets and he decides that it’s time for some answers.

Outside, Kate’s come back to the temple. Miles is happy to see her, because ever since Hurley left he hasn’t had much to do besides play tic-tac-toe with coconuts and banana leaves.

It doesn’t take Kate long to realize that Claire’s gone batsh*t bonkers, so there’s not really any point trying to convince her of anything, right?

But enough pointless filler. Outside, Sayid is on a mission. If Dogan can’t kill him, he figures Locke might be able to, so he’s sent him on a suicide mission. Kill Locke, save the temple.

All Sayid’s got to do is deliver a message. That and kill a few people, which he’s more than happy to do. He head’s back to the temple and delivers Locke’s message.

Then he goes and kills Dogan and Lennon. Things just got real. Mad real. When the Ajira folks get to the temple, Ben finds Sayid sitting alone, admiring his handiwork.

And the horror begins. Locke races through the temple destroying everything in his path and anyone standing in his way.

Luckily, Ilana knows the temple’s secrets and show’s everyone where to hide!

So the dust finally settles and Locke’s got to be feeling pretty good about himself. Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good. All of his new homeboys gather ’round and they set of into the jungle to go start some major shit. Kate tags along even though she knows she’s powerless to stop him. Locke’s got 99 problems, but a b**ch ain’t one, amirite?


One response to “LOSTWATCH!! – “He’s coming and they can’t stop him.”

  1. Awesome recap. Loved your take on Keamy. I always knew he was crazy, but the way he rambled on about his eggs was odd even for him. And the break dance fighting was a riot!

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