Modern Family, “Truth Be Told”: That’s the guy who killed Flyza Minnelli.

After taking a couple of weeks off, “Modern Family” has really come back strong. Tonight’s episode again kept the three families apart. Phil reconnected with an old girlfriend. Mitchell quit his job after being taken advantage of by his boss and Jay tried to cover up after killing Manny’s pet turtle.

Phil having his old girlfriend over after reconnecting on Facebook definitely delivered the most laughs. While the old flame coming back to shake things up definitely isn’t anything new, the show was still able to keep it fresh. I also thought it was one of the more effective uses of a good guest star. Denise, who was played by Judy Greer seemed just as intense as she was as Kitty in “Arrested Development.” I was kind of hoping she’d leave at the end after lifting up her shirt and yelling, “Say goodbye to these!” There was also some nice interplay between the Dunphy kids at the beginning of the episode. It was nice to see Luke on top of his little back and forth with Alex. Even if she did get him back later on in the episode.

The Jay storyline, which had him scrambling to cover up the death of Manny’s turtle, Shel Turtlestein, was a nice change of pace. Before we’ve seen Jay almost forced into the role of reluctant parent, and even though he spent almost the entire episode lying to Manny, he was doing it for a good reason, and it was nice to see him taking a more active role in their relationship. And even though the main story was between Jay and Manny, Gloria had plenty of good beats. Recognizing fake crime scenes because she was Colombian and telling Jay that is was hard sleeping in a bed of lies were two of my favorites.

Mitchell finally quitting his job after realizing that it was keeping him away from his family has a lot of potential. Having both spouses at home every day can really change the dynamic of a relationship. Spending all that time together could really bring the two of them closer, but I’m sure it’ll drive them crazy before we see any of that.

Stuff I liked:

  • The black veil Gloria’s wearing at the memorial service. Hilarious.
  • Manny waiting for Jay that night. “Hello, Jay.”
  • Adding the sexy voice to innocent emails.

One response to “Modern Family, “Truth Be Told”: That’s the guy who killed Flyza Minnelli.

  1. If you love Gloria so much why don’t you just marry her?!?!?

    Love you, sweetie.

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