LOSTWATCH!! – “I’ll have you.”

In this week’s episode, Ben and Arzt get together at lunch to piss and moan like a couple of schoolgirls. Principal Reynolds doesn’t like Ben’s history club and he’s being a real douche about it. Mr. Locke’s been eavesdropping and pipes in with a novel idea.

Of course, the life of a high school teacher is full of glamor and lots of hot tail, but Ben doesn’t care much for all of that. No, he does what he does for the kids. Kids like Alex Rousseau, who really need Ben’s help.

At their tutoring session, Alex lets a secret about Principal Reynolds slip.

I’m not sure if that secret says more about Principal Reynolds or Alex. Anyway, Ben comes up with a plan to get rid of Reynolds and save his history club at the same time. Blackmail! It’s foolproof, or so he thinks. Reynolds doesn’t exactly have the reaction Ben was expecting.

Wow. Haunting. Anyway, on the island the Ajira folks are running through the jungle, trying to get away from Locke. They stop to catch their breath, and Ilana takes the opportunity to satisfy some curiosity.

They make their way to the beach and start setting up camp. Ben’s happy because he finally feels like he belongs. But he soon finds out that Ilana isn’t just going to let the whole Jacob thing go.


Elsewhere on the island, Jack and Hurley have met up with Richard, and are anxious to get some answers.

Guess we’ll just have to wait!

Anyway, Ilana leaves Ben to his grim task. Needless to say, the whole thing’s really harshed his mellow. And when Ben’s upset, everyone knows it.

But suddenly, while he’s working, Locke appears out of nowhere with a special offer.

Ben’s not havin’ it. So Locke tells him that if he wants, there’s a gun in the jungle he can use to get away from Ilana. Whatever. He’s done. Peace out, a-hole. Ben takes his chance. He darts into the jungle, with Ilana close behind him. He grabs the gun. It looks like he just might make it!

But the heroics quickly fade to a sloppy, blubbery mess of tears and self pity.

So they head back to the beach. Finally, Ben’s a part of the team…right?

Awww. Sad. But our problems don’t end there. Just off the coast of Lost Island, trouble’s afoot!


One response to “LOSTWATCH!! – “I’ll have you.”

  1. Funniest line: “Up here, Dr. Linus.”

    Together with the screen capture of Ben obviously staring down at her cleavage.

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