LOSTWATCH!! – “Is there something you want to tell me?”

And now we know that the Lost writers have really gone off the deep end. In last week’s episode, the craziness in Bizarro World continued with…Sawyer? In bed? With a woman? What kind of Twilight Zone BS is this!??

That’s right. Sawyer’s a…cop. And guess who his scrappy sidekick is.

It’s fun to play “what might’ve been” and see where the Losties have all ended up in the new timeline, but I don’t think anyone bought Sawyer as a cop.

In addition to coffee, Miles also got Sawyer a woman. Well, it’s a blind date, but Sawyer knows how to close a deal, so to speak.

And before you know it, Sawyer’s busy deposing the witness (having sex). But things go wrong when Charlotte goes looking for a t-shirt.

Things don’t go much better the next day when Miles confronts him over his trip to Sydney.

Feelin’ blue, Sawyer goes to Charlotte’s apartment to try and smooth things over. But just like Miles, she’s not having it, or is she?

That’s right. As long as you’re good looking and keep a healthy amount of stubble, some women will let you walk all over them. Anyway. On the island, Locke’s plans are beginning to come together. He tells Sawyer that he’s got a special mission for him.

Locke leaves Sawyer to it. He can’t go with him, because it looks like trouble may be brewing back at camp! Claire’s introducing Kate to her “special little guy.”

Kate finally realizes that Claire is good and crazy, so she figures that now’s the perfect time to tell her the truth about Aaron. Claire takes the news about as well as you’d expect.

Locke gets back from the beach just in time to take care of bidness.

Now that’s what I call a STICKY situation! What? Anyway, Sawyer’s on Monster Hydra Island, and makes a grim discovery!

Then suddenly, someone jumps out of the bushes! Remember all those fantasies you had about being trapped on a deserted island with the hottest person you know? This is nothing like that.

Well, Sawyer can dig that, maybe if the lights were turned off, so he and his new friend head off down the beach.

I think we ALL know that’s not true.

Sawyer’s not buying it. Deep down, neither is she.

The woman takes off her wig and glasses to reveal…Charles Widmore?

Widmore tells Sawyer that he’s got BIG plans for the island. He can get in on the ground floor, but he’ll have to betray everyone he cares about. Sawyer’s surprisingly cool with it and heads back to the main island. When he gets back, Locke asks him how things went.

How will it all play out? I think the answer to that may be completely unsatisfying! But enough with the trickery and double-crossing. Tonight’s episode ends on a lighter note, and really reminds us why we’re so connected to these characters.


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