Breaking Bad, “Caballo Sin Nombre”: I can’t be the bad guy.

There was a moment in last night’s episode of Breaking Bad where Walter tells Saul, “I can’t be the bad guy.” At first it seems like Walt’s saying that this is a role he can’t allow himself to fall into. He knows he’s close, but doesn’t believe he’s quite there yet. But for a split second it looks like, in his heart, Walt realizes what he is. He’s just in denial about the whole thing.

This is only made worse later in the episode when Flynn, who’s gone back to being called Walt Jr., packs his bags and heads over to Walt’s apartment complex. As they’re talking he asks his dad how he could let Skyler treat him like this. How could he let her kick him out of his own house. He hasn’t even done anything wrong. This only feeds into Walt’s delusion that he’s the good guy in all of this, and convinces him that patching things up with his wife might not be more difficult than a splash of cologne and some dippin’ sticks. We saw him with his bags packed, so it’s clear he’s coming back home to stay. It’ll be interesting to see how his tune changes once Skyler gets home from work.

If Walt’s in denial about who he’s become, Jesse is the complete opposite. When he finds out that his dad is selling his aunt’s house, he immediately goes to see Saul Goodman — Bob Odenkirk’s first appearance this season — with a plan to get the house and stick it to his parents at the same time. The scene of Saul meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Pinkman was priceless. Jesse may be the reluctant bad guy in all of this, but Saul eats it up.

Speaking of Saul, he certainly seems to have transformed somewhat since we saw him last season. While his appearance in season 2 had him as the textbook definition of a shyster lawyer, he’s looking a little better in season 3. But apart from that, when we saw him leaving from his visit with Walt, you could almost see genuine concern for his client and maybe friend. Granted, whatever concern Saul may have for Walt’s well-being has to be looked at through dollar bill-colored glasses, but you can see the beginnings of a relationship starting to form, so we’ll see where the entire things goes.

Hot on the heels of Walt, and by extension Jesse and Saul, are the cartel twins we were introduced to last week. You knew that they would eventually track Walt down, but who knew it would happen in only two episodes. The last ten minutes of last night’s episode had to be the most tense the series has given us thus far. When I saw they got the “POLLOS” text message, it had me wondering exactly who is connected to who. I’m guessing they were being summoned by Gus Frings, owner and manager of Pollos de Hermanos. So if Gus is offering Walt work, will he be able to call the twins off their hunt? I don’t think it’ll be that anticlimactic, but who knows? Maybe by the end of the season we’ll see them all hanging out, eating dippin’ sticks and drinking mimosas. Stranger things have happened in TV Land. Remember St. Elsewhere?

Stuff I liked:

  • Saul’s license plate: LWYRUP. Hilarious!
  • I guess he was asking for it, but it was hard not to feel bad for Walt when we saw him pepper-sprayed and shoved into the back of the police car. And didn’t he look gross with his swollen eyes and snotty nose? Until last night, movies and TV had been telling me a horrible lie.
  • “How ’bout it Counselor? Do you concur?” It still makes me laugh.
  • Come on. The pizza flying up and landing on the roof in one piece was pretty impressive.
  • You look at Walt, Jesse, Saul, Gus, the Twins and the Cleaner, and all of the comparisons between Breaking Bad and a Coen Brothers film look to be pretty well-founded.

3 responses to “Breaking Bad, “Caballo Sin Nombre”: I can’t be the bad guy.

  1. What does LWYRUP mean?

  2. Xavier G. R. Ninnis

    Your thoughts on this most recent Breaking Bad episode were, for me, an interesting and enjoyable read. I hope you plan to continue writing on the subject as new episodes are released.

    Best regards,
    Xavier N.

  3. LWYRUP = lawyer up (get yourself a lawyer)

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