LOSTWATCH!! – “El Diablo!”

This week Last week, we find found our Castaways regrouping and planning their next move.

Magically, we’re transported back to a simpler time. A time without islands, magic and evil monsters. We find Richard Alpert as a poor farmer living on a small island. His wife is sick and he has precious little time to get the magic elixir from the village doctor, who’s a real evil monster!

For his song, the doctor gives Richard a cure for all that ails ‘ya.

He got what he needed, but Richard grew up on the streets, so he beats the doctor half to death and robs him anyway. As quickly as he can, Richard gets the medicine to his wife, but alas, he’s too late!

To serve out his sentence, Richard is sent to the island prison of…

There, after years of imprisonment, he meets a man who promises him the thing he wants most: escape! All he asks for in return is help digging his secret tunnels.

Now, Richard is the property of Magnus Hanso, but he’s having a harder time adjusting to slavery than he thought he would.

So anyway, they head off across the Atlantic. But when a storm brews up they drift off course, toward a mysterious island!

A massive tidal wave tosses them on the shore. When Richard finally regains consciousness, they’re killing the prisoners! They’re killing the prisoners!

But before Richard can be struck down, the ship is attacked by a familiar face. The Man in Black releases Richard from his chains in exchange for a favor.

Richard accepts (because, seriously, what else was he going to do?) and now he’s off to meet Jacob.

Jacob takes Richard back to the statue and explains what he’s gotten himself caught up in.

Ever since the Man in Black moved out of their apartment, Jacob’s been looking for a new wingman. Someone to hit the clubs with. Richard’s got just the right mix of Latin flair and sweet dumb foreigner to be a real chick magnet.

But there’s one more thing.

So Richard goes to tell the Man in Black that he’s switched sides.

In the present day, Richard’s gone back to the same spot where he spoke to the Man in Black all those years before.

But someone’s followed him. It’s Hurley! He’s come to give Richard some extra motivation.



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