Breaking Bad, “Sunset”: Why the hell are we making meth?

So Walt’s signed the divorce papers and for some reason Skyler doesn’t seem to be as happy as you expected her to be. I chalk that up to two things. One, she now has to deal with the reality of being a single mother. Raising Walt Jr. (I know he’s already in high school, but still), paying bills, working, all of that stuff. And two, I think it was apparent after last week’s episode that she may have been having second thoughts about the way she had been treating Walt. Now HE’S signed the papers? HE’S the one leaving? On a certain level that marginalizes her and her shortness with Walt on the phone was a reaction to that.

And what did Walt leave for? Maybe he’s finally coming to terms with the fact that his marriage is broken and probably can’t be fixed. Considering the gusto with which he got himself ready for his new job (even packing himself a neat, sack lunch), maybe the fact that he can still provide for his family while not living with them is okay with him. Whatever the reason, he looks like he’s ready to jump into the meth pool with both feet. Now he’s one of the team at Gus Frings’ Washateria and Meth Cookery, and even gets a secret head nod from one of the workers there when he comes in that morning. Now Walt’s got his state-of-the-art lab and intelligent yet never invasive assistant, Gale. From their conversation, Walt and Gale aren’t working with blinders on. They’re both wise to the fact that what they’re doing is very much illegal. But what’s important to take away from their “magic of the lab” conversation is that both of these guys are chemistry geeks, and there’s a certain nostalgia and pride in doing what they’re doing. Going through the motions, working building block after building block and creating something, no matter how illegal that something is.

So Walt’s got his thing going on, but he’s never able to completely separate himself from Jesse. That continued this week when he found out that Hank was close to finding the RV, which just happened to have Walt’s fingerprints all over it. With no one to do his dirty work for him, he’s got to go out and take care of this one himself. And for a second it looks like it’s all going to come off without a hitch, but when Jesse hears that Walt is having the RV destroyed, he comes after him and leads Hank right to their doorstep. Luckily they’re able to come up with a plan to keep Hank from finding both of them hiding inside. I thought this worked out okay. I mean, it was a little convenient that the owner of the junkyard knew so much about what cops can and can’t do, but you tend to just go with scenes like this, even though there’s a little suspension of disbelief involved.

Badger and Skinny Pete were back this week as Jesse began to rebuild his meth business. But now that his lab’s been smashed into tiny bits, who knows how that’s going to go. I’m guessing that he and Walt have to make up and be friends again and some point, so hopefully the two will find some way to work together again. After all, Walt could use a friend. The Cousins showed up at Pollos de Hermanos and it was all Gus could to not throw Walt at the their feet. He gave them Hank’s name, so that will likely buy him some time, but for some reason the Cousins don’t strike me as guys who get distracted by things like technicalities. And besides, you see how badass they look while doing things like eating apples and bludgeoning Officer Swifthorse in the head with a shovel, so you know this whole thing is going to end in a giant battle royal.

Finally we’ve got Hank. This poor man has just about had enough. He’s tired, he’s pissing off his wife, and all he wants is a break in the Heisenberg case. And for a second it looked like he might get it, until he got a call from Saul’s secretary, impersonating a police officer telling him that Marie had been in an accident and was being flown to the hospital. When he got there and slowly realized that none of it was true, I half expected him to take out his gun and start shooting people. However that whole thing plays out, you know he’s not going to be able to hold up much longer. That seems to be true of so many characters on the show right now.

Stuff I liked:

  • “How do you think we’ve been paying our bills for the past six months?” Take that, Skyler. Take that.
  • The return of Badger.
  • I’m almost surprised at how cinematic the show has become. The entire sequence with Hank running into the hospital was really impressive.

One response to “Breaking Bad, “Sunset”: Why the hell are we making meth?

  1. Glad to see you liked the hank scene. I was totally floored when I saw him in the hospital. Love it! Also, I thought the cousins killed that guy with an axe like the one they were going to kill Walt with.

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