LOSTWATCH!! – “I think I’m remembering stuff.”

Eccentric millionaire and shut-in Hugo Reyes has it rough. He spends most of his time at award ceremonies, being honored for his various and sundry philanthropic work.

After this latest ceremony, his mother surprises him with an unexpected announcement.

So Hurley goes on his date.

And there went his first impression. Unfortunately, things don’t get much better.

Something’s obviously wrong with Libby, and it isn’t long before someone comes to take her away.

Now that Hurley sees there’s something wrong with her — and realizes they could never, ever be together — he must have her. His obsession consumes him and he sinks into a deep depression. And it’s in the throes of that depression that Desmond finds him stuffing his face in the middle of a Mr. Clucks.

Maybe Desmond’s got a point, or maybe the crazy Scotsman is just craaazy. But he does give Hurley an idea. If Libby can’t come to him, he’ll go to Libby, and visit her in the barrel! Or the bush. But then there would need to be two of them. Wait—nevermind. To the mental institution! Hurley’s first obstacle, getting past the stuffy, old institution keep!

Luckily, Hurley’s wise to the cut of his jib and makes himself look like a nubile fifteen year old.

Ugh. Haunting. Anyway, Libbey’s pretty happy to see him. And even happier to hear Hurley’s idea.

Well, maybe not that idea. But the next one is pretty good.

So they go to the beach that very moment!

And who’s that, spying our two lovers from afar?

But Desmond isn’t done yet. He’s spotted again, across town, spying on a bunch of kids Mr. Locke at the high school. But never fear. Mr. Linus is on the case!

W. T. F? Anyway, on the island Hurley is sharing a different kind of special moment with Libby when he’s interrupted by that jerk, Ilana.

And that’s exactly what happens. Ilana’s so sure that her idea is the best. She took some dynamite from the Black Rock. How hard could it be to use it to blow up the Ajira plane, right?

Ilana blowing herself up seemed so unlikely, that when Hurley volunteers to take over as leader, NO ONE OBJECTS.

And off they go. Jack looks resigned. Richard looks frustrated. Miles looks nervous. Lapidus is still there? And Sun, well, she still can’t speak English.

Things aren’t much better in Locke’s camp. After sitting still for days, Sawyer’s gotten restless, and Locke is sick of his lip.

Things perk up a bit when Sayid comes back to camp with a special surprise for Locke.

Locke tells Sayid that he has something to show Desmond, and the two go off alone into the jungle. As they’re walking, Desmond hears someone following them, but why the hell is the show throwing out more questions with only FIVE EPISODES LEFT? Seriously, who is this kid? And why is he dressed like one of the Lost Boys?

Anyway, they finally reach their destination. And what is it that Locke just HAD to show Desmond? It’s a…well? Where could this be going?


His mission accomplished, Locke heads back to camp, and to more of Sawyer’s questions.

But wait. Who’s that coming out of the jungle?


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