Breaking Bad, “One Minute”: Family is all.

Well, he fell apart. As soon as he was done at the hospital, Hank drove straight to Jesse’s and beat the ever-loving HELL out of him. And man, it’s one thing to be punched, but getting face slammed over and over with Hank’s ham-hock fists is true pain. Now, Jesse’s in the hospital and planning on owning Hank’s soul until the day he crawls for his gun to jam into his eye socket blah blah blah. He’s REAL pissed off.

There was a lot going on in last night’s episode, and I’m still trying to figure out everyone’s motivations for doing what they did. Jesse sees his injuries as his Golden Ticket. The DEA’s going to want to steer as clear away from him as possible, so now he’s free to cook all the meth he wants. And if for some reason they ever do come knocking on his door, he’ll give them Walt, who right now is the only person Jesse hates more than Hank. So Walt has reason to leave Jesse alone, although he suspects he may be bluffing about sending him up.

Now Walt has reason to help both Hank and Jesse. Hank, because when Jesse presses charges it will end him. And Jesse, because he doesn’t want him to go after Hank. But at the same time, it doesn’t seem like he’s too eager to help either of them. Skyler tries telling him that because Hank’s family, he’s obligated to help him. That doesn’t go over too well because Walt and Skyler are getting divorced, so technically Hank isn’t family, and Walt doesn’t like the idea of Skyler coming around and acting civil (mostly civil) only when it suits her. As for Jesse, well, he and Walt have always had a love/hate relationship, and with the way he’s acting right now, I think Walt thinks it’s best to give him as wide a berth as possible.

I think it’s been established that Walt’s a stubborn person, so I don’t think he can just come out and help Jesse or Hank. After talking with Skyler, Walt goes to the lab in a huff, looking for a reason to be pissed off at Gale, who’s acting his usual, mild-mannered self. When Gale accidentally sets one of Walt’s science gizmos to the wrong temperature and ruins a batch of meth, Walt calls Gus and tells him there’s no way they can continue to work together. Who could Walt possibly use as a lab assistant? Jesse, of course.

When Walt makes Jesse the offer, Jesse isn’t exactly receptive, and it wasn’t until I heard him say it that I realized exactly what a red nightmare his life has become since hooking up with Walt. Jesse says that’s never been more alone, that he has no one. Then he reminds Walt that it wasn’t that long ago when he had told him that his meth was garbage. Why would Walt want him as an assistant? I was actually really surprised that Walt didn’t tell him it was because he didn’t have anyone either. For better or worse, the world has kind of bailed on these guys, and as weird as it sounds, all they really have is each other. I think Jesse realized this in part, and that’s why he accepted Walt’s offer in the end. And hey, there’s also that 1.5 million dollars. I’m sure that helped, too.

In the middle of all this craziness are the Cousins, who have given Walt a slight reprieve to take out Hank. Hank isn’t pulling any funny stuff with the Jesse situation. He realizes that what he did was wrong and he’s taking full responsibility for it. He had a good cry. He admitted to himself that he may not be cut out for more police work, and finally things are looking a little brighter for him. That’s when he gets a phone call from someone using a voice distorter who tells him that two he’s being followed by two men, and that he’s got about a minute before they find him.

Who tipped him off? If it was Gus, why would he hand Hank up to the Cousins only to tell him later that they were coming for him? If it was Walt, how did he know? I couldn’t possibly solve this mystery. Can YOOOU? Unanswered questions aside, that entire end scene was made of 100% pure awesome. Although I would have liked to have seen Leonel spitting out more blood after Hank rammed him with his car. Is there anyone I can talk to about that?

Stuff I liked:

  • For a split second I could have sworn that truck driver was played by Walt Goggins.
  • “Your meth is good, Jesse. As good as mine.”
  • Although I thought Hank getting the bullet in his gun at the last possible second was a little predictable, the shot of the cousin’s head opening up like a Bloomin’ Onion made it all worth it. Violence!

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