Justified, “Blind Spot”: You shot somebody else?

There are no more tomorrows, Mr. Givens. The premature death of Tommy Bucks has stuck in the craw of the Miami cartel long enough and they’re finally coming after you. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. You know they’ve been keeping tabs on you, so you had to have seen this coming.

But Raylan didn’t see it coming. When a masked man with a sawed-off shotgun broke into Ava’s house and started shooting, he assumed it was one of the Crowder boys, come to pay Ava back for what she did to her husband. Never did it occur to him that anyone may be looking for him. And as long as we’re talking about blind spots, Raylan’s seems to be pretty big. Now that he’s added another kill to his list and was found sleeping with Ava, a whole mess of new problems have cropped up. Like the Miami business, Raylan should have seen this coming. For all his tough talk, he’s not bulletproof, and all of these things were going to come to a head sooner or later.

There are some other interesting bits here. When Raylan goes back to see Boyd — who he’s developing a real Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lecter relationship with, don’t you thin? — Boyd mentions how hard it must have been on Raylan growing up in his father’s house, watching him beat up on his mom all those years. He suggests that Raylan became a marshal as some sort of knee-jerk reaction to the whole experience. This made me think of the phrase, “all the best cowboys have daddy issues.” If Raylan had never had to deal with Arlo, would he still have become a marshal? Given their relationship, I doubt if Raylan sees the world in terms of people he needs to protect, but people he needs to stop.

Speaking of the Crowders, things don’t look as rosy for Boyd as one might have assumed. Sure, he’s in prison. But he seems to be making the best of a bad situation. He’s turned to God (or so he says). He’s busy converting heathens, turning them toward Christ, and that can’t be all bad, right? Well, ask the folks he’s serving time with. They’re not ignorant to the fact that Boyd’s taken a few calls from Raylan, and they’re beginning to think he’s a rat. Just when things look like they’re going South for him, his dad steps out and saves the day. And listen, I think we’ve all seen enough television to know that when a criminal son says to his criminal dad, “hi, dad,” they’re not just going to high five and go back to selling cigarettes in the cafeteria. Something’s going down, and I look forward to it with great relish.

Stuff I liked:

  • M.C. Gainey. Enough said.
  • Just to beat the serialized vs. procedural thing again, you see how much better the show is when
  • Ava vs. Winona. [kramer]Ahhgagaga-catfight![/kramer]

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