Modern Family, “Travels with Scout”: I’ll send you a link.

Claire warming up to the dog Phil’s dad unexpectedly brings by has a sort of special resonance with me right now. Now that we’re in the new house, the next thing on my wife’s list is getting a dog. So we’ve spent afternoons visiting shelters and looking around online, and I’ve found that the one thing we can do for hours is find reasons not to get this or that dog. I think that eventually, we’ll have to find one we like and just go for it (update: she’s coming tomorrow). It seems like it worked just fine for Claire, and she didn’t even want a dog to begin with.

Casting Fred Willard as Phil’s dad was absolutely brilliant, but I was a little disappointed with how his character turned out. By making him emotionally distant from Phil, they basically reduced him to a cardboard cutout who’s sole purpose was to spit out one-liners. It works great in Christopher Guest movies, but not giving him a little more depth here felt like a missed opportunity. While he had me my wife peeing her pants in A Mighty Wind, his stint here left me wanting a lot more.

Dylan’s drummer having to quit the band because his parents got back together seemed like a perfect setup for Cameron, who really relishes the spotlight. It may have been a little out of character for him to expect to actually keep the position once the gig was over, but his extra long drum solo, and his tryout with the “mismatched” sticks in the beginning was spot on. Haley and Mitch watching their boyfriends up on stage was an especially nice beat, and reminds us that as far characters go, there’s still so much territory for the show to explore.

But still, the highlight of the night was Manny. While he’s usually the most mature one of the bunch, it’s always nice to see him act like a kid again. Telling Jay that it was probably a demon causing their doorbell to ring over and over again, and brandishing his fencing sword and telling his parents, “It’s going to be a long night,” were some of the funniest lines all night.

Stuff I liked:

  • Luke acting like a dog may have become a little predictable by the end of the episode, but it was still funny.
  • “I smoke sausages. I’ll send you a link.”
  • Claire delivering Luke’s papers.

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