It’s Always Sunny, “Dennis Gets Divorced”: I’ve made a huge mistake.

I don’t even know where to begin. Thursday’s episode of Sunny wasn’t the best episode ever, but it hit on all its strengths, and even on an off day, it always leaves me satisfied and smiling (hey-oh!). I’m not breaking new ground by saying that the characters are what drive this show’s success, but even at the dawn of season six, I’m still loving everything that makes Frank, Dee, Mac, Charlie and Dennis the funniest assholes on TV.

And each of them had their moment in this episode, beginning with Dennis’ dismissive exchange with his new wife Maureen Ponderosa as he tries to treat her like one of his regular conquests. “We’re married. I’m psyched, dude, that’s great. No, totally.” At this point, Dennis isn’t thinking that the marriage was a mistake… he just seems to be constantly forgetting that he’s married in the first place.

Later that morning, Dennis is at the bar with the gang, and we find that the newlywed glow has faded from Frank and Charlie’s sham gay marriage as well. Plus, Sweet Dee is having an affair with Bill Ponderosa, but it’s okay – she’s not married, so she’s not doing anything wrong. This is where Dee gets her moment as she tries to nonchalantly let the gang know that Bill is obsessed with her! Calling and texting all the time and even buying her a car! As a girl, I can empathize with her desire to be part of the boys’ club, but as someone who’s not tall, blonde or thin, I think she should shut-the-hell-up-because-there’s-no-way-someone-that-gorgeous-could-ever-ever-be-a-loser-and-who-do-these-Always-Sunny-douchebags-think-they-are-trying-to-make-that-shit-believable-I-mean-seriously?


Anyway, Charlie and Frank are a little underutilized in this episode, but we do get one excellent Charlie moment where he admits that he signed the pre-nup Frank gave him because he thought it was the phone bill. It makes perfect Charlie-sense, and in fact, I’m going to start using the term Charlie-sense, because there are certain things, like signing the phone bill, that just make Charlie sense – like when you’re really drunk or tired or unfocused, they’d fly right by you because all the pieces make sense individually, but if you’re firing on all cylinders (which six seasons have shown us that Charlie isn’t), you realize that the finished product is not so much a model airplane as a piece of macaroni artwork created by a kid who wears a helmet and eats paste by the fistful.

I do love the twisted logic of these characters. Mac is mad at Dennis for throwing him out of the apartment, but hey, Dennis is mad at Mac for not throwing him a bachelor party, so a belated bachelor party where Mac foots the bill is really the only way to set things right. At the strip club, Mac gets his moment when he’s mad at the others for not taking his motorcycle-revving dance move seriously. Predictably, Mac and Dennis get drunk and confront Maureen about the marriage, which prompts her to start beating herself in a hilarious shout-out to the movie Fear (which came out fourteen years ago, if you want to feel old).

In the end, Charlie’s pedophile-lawyer uncle drops by to help with Dennis’ divorce (spoiler alert: he didn’t help), and we get a fun call-back to the lawyer the gang terrorized throughout last season. I love that it’s just as much fun to see the schadenfreude delivered on the gang as it is to see them dish it out. There are shows that speak to our inner child, shows that speak to our inner romantic, but Always Sunny will always speak to my inner dirtbag (I typed asshole first, and then douchebag, but both had the potential to convey the, uh, wrong message; I think you get what I mean).


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