Terriers, “Change Partners”: Don’t judge me.

There are still a few things about ‘Terriers’ that rub me the wrong way. The biggest of which is that Hank and Britt almost can’t help from stumbling into people who just happen to be in the market for private investigators. It’s something that brings the show’s believability down a notch, but ‘Terriers’ has got so much else going for it that it’s easy to look past.

This is where we start out in this week’s episode. Hank, still trying to deal with his financial woes, is trying to get a bank loan to pay off the house he’s buying from his ex-wife and the money he took from Britt. Of course he’s rejected, but as it turns out, mortgage company president Armond Foster just may be able to help him out, as long as he can look into this one thing for him.

That one thing happens to be his wife, Miriam (played by Olivia Williams). Foster is positive that she’s cheating on him and asks Hank to get photos of her with her mystery man. In return for the pictures, Hank will get his loan. It’s a no-brainer, but when Hank follows her that night, there is no mystery man. Miriam stops off at a posh restaurant, has a glass of wine and stares longingly into space, but there are no secret rendezvous, no uglies to be bumped. When Hank relays the information to Foster he gets angry and almost throws Hank out of his office, until Hank almost gets down on his knees and begs for just a few more days to check things out.

Hank and Britt are following Miriam the next day when she spots them, and after spraying Hank in the face with a bottle of mace, she comes clean about what she’s been up to, and what she’s been telling her husband she’s been up to. It turns out that years ago, there was another man. Foster’s a dirty, dirty masochist and when he heard about Miriam’s affair, it got him excited. Since then he’s told her to meet up with other men and fill him in on all the details. Miriam’s been lying to him ever since. So to keep Foster happy, Hank sets Miriam up with Britt and stages a fake photoshoot, to which Britt’s girlfriend has ABSOLUTELY NO OBJECTIONS. TV! Hank ends up sleeping with Miriam himself (for real this time), even though the entire thing smacked of sadness and more than a little desperation, considering it was after being paid a visit by his ex-wife and her new fiance. Maybe Hank’s turning a corner in his life. Maybe he’ll have the chance to actually nurture a relationship with Miriam and begin to heal the hurt he still feels over his divorce.

Or maybe the whole thing will go south (pun intended). When Hank goes back in to close the deal on his loan, Foster drops a bomb on him. He googled Hank’s name and found a picture of he and Brit online, so he knows that Hank was trying to pull a fast one on him. So Hank spills the beans on his love tryst with Miriam, thereby fullfilling his agreement with Foster and securing his loan! Looks like another one in the books, Terriers. Not so fast. As Hank’s leaving the office he realizes there was one form Foster forgot to sign, and just as he walks back in to get the signature, Hank sees that he’s jumped out the window to his death. So Hank takes the suicide note on Foster’s desk and forges his name on the loan form. That’s some pretty dark stuff. And THEN, that night he drives to Miriam’s place and tells her about it. But hey, what was he supposed to do? He NEEDED the loan. In any case, I think it shows that Hank’s a pretty self-destructive guy.

We also got a glimpse into Hank’s and Britt’s backstory this week. Hank caught Britt breaking into his place and instead of reporting him to the cops, took him out for waffles instead. All this comes up as an old friend of Britt’s comes back, trying to drag him back into the petty larceny game. The whole thing gets resolved pretty quickly, with Britt figuring out a way to frame him for another burglary and send him back to jail. It was wrapped up so neatly I can’t help but think it’s going to pop up again later this season. Something that definitely will pop up later in the season is the mysterious figure climbing into Hank’s attic at the very end of the episode, as Hank lays on the couch playing a sad little ditty on his guitar. What was at first thought to be “the house settling” is actually, what? A burglar? A homeless person? We’ll have to wait and see. But whatever happens will definitely prove the old adage, a terrier in the hand is worth two in the bush. Sorry. I’ve been drinking a lot tonight.


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