Glee, “Britney/Brittany”: Like roofies? Yeah, totally.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve had seven beers, seen a great concert (Jenny and Johnny), come home to Adam Levine and Dane Cook on television before turning on Glee. So, suffice to say, it’s been a night of highs and lows.

That’s as far as I got in this write-up last night before I fell asleep on the couch – it was about the time that the boys did their “Stronger” routine on the field, but oddly enough, when I watched it again today, I didn’t feel like I had missed much while I was drooling on my couch cushions. I mean, what is there to say about this episode, really? It was a series of Britney Spears videos remade by the cast of Glee with some weirdly disjointed dialogue scenes stuffed in between.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the episode – at least the first half. Remember what I said last week about the balance between creative and contrived? Well, the first half of the episode may not have been that creative, but it was damn entertaining, and I didn’t mind the ridiculous plot devices (Nitrous oxide-induced Britney fantasies. Say that out loud if you don’t think it’s a pretty out there) because the dancing was so awesome. Seriously, Heather Morris can WORK IT. Yes, I know she was the choreographer on the show before she was a cast member, but I was still floored by her moves.

And Brittany and Santana are some of the most fun characters, but they have to be used sparingly, and this was a great way for the audience to see more of these two without wearing out their respective shticks. So, A+ to the opening Britney/Brittany number, but things went downhill from there. Why do we have to hear Rachel sing a heart-wrenching ballad at the end of every episode? Rachel sucks. I mean, she’s an entertaining character, but let’s be real. She’s a jerk and represents everything men hate about women (except the tight body). I just hope the legions of pre-teen girls who idolize her don’t think that the way she treats Finn – or anyone else for that matter – is acceptable and that deep down, they, like Rachel, are just hyper-talented and misunderstood late-bloomers waiting to be swept away by the captain of the football team. Ain’t gonna happ’n, cap’n. But then again, this is supposed to represent high school, and acting like a self-centered bitch and setting up your boyfriend and being passive-aggressive are all part of the high school girl experience, so whatever. Maybe they get a pass, but it still makes me cringe and root for a reunion with Quinn when Rachel says things like “I want to be the only thing that makes you feel good.” Vomit.

I’m starting to think maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to write up this show, because seriously, the more you think about it, the less entertaining it is. Boardwalk Empire, Glee is not. My unsolicited advice to Ryan Murphy? Limit these kinds of episodes or you’re going to lose the audience that actually enjoys the story and character development. This one was more fun than not, and maybe after Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney, we’re finally done with fawning tributes to pop icons. I kind of hope so… I’m ready to get back to the Glee kids breathing new life into classics.  But… what do I know? Last night’s episode got the series’ highest ratings ever.

One last thing about Mr. Schue… since when does he need to get more impulsive? Oh, that’s right, since it served to move the plot forward. Who exactly is supposed to b the protagonist in this story? Who is the audience supposed to identify with? I used to think it was Mr. Schue, but this season especially, he’s insecure, a spotlight hog, and more than a little unbalanced.

Best line: Not a line, but how hilarious are the pamphlets in Emma’s office? “Proper Wiping: Easy as 1-2-3?” Let’s be real, here – poop jokes are never not funny.

Shoehorned-into-the-show-song: “Only Exception.”  The closing number… a tearful ballad…. from Rachel…. once again.  Wank.


2 responses to “Glee, “Britney/Brittany”: Like roofies? Yeah, totally.

  1. I have to agree with the entire assessment. I really like the story line as much as the music, but all these single-artist tribute shows are forcing the writers to contrive all these weird plot vehicles in order to make the song semi-relevant.

    I loved Brittany’s numbers, especially the dancing! As to Rachael, I wouldn’t mind hearing a bit less of her in general, although I thought the song and sentiment were actually appropriate in this episode. I guess they built the show around this irritating character and now they have to live with it. I’m also enjoying someone besides Finn singing the male vocals, but that’s been going on to some extent for a while (Artie, Puck).

    I’m probably going to get nailed for this, but I even think Sue Sylvester is starting to get too much air time. Characters like that are really only funny when used sparingly. Like the Geico Cavemen and habanero peppers, a little goes a long way.

    It’s a great show but I hope it gets back on track soon. I remember reading that the musical numbers were going to be cut back this season, but so far I haven’t noticed it.

  2. The thing is, they are writing Rachel as a sociopath this season. Or to put it more plainly: they are turning her into Terri. Those insane wacked out lines like “this relationship only works if we are both losers” and “I want to be the only thing that makes you feel good are straight out of the Terri Shuester crazy bitch playbook. They are creepily similar to lines Terri said to Will in season 1.

    This isn’t the Rachel we knew last season; the girl who was crazy and driven, yet kind at heart. We are only 2 episodes into season 2 and already I cannot stand this girl. I want the real Rachel, the Tracy Flick take charge Rachel back, not this manipulative controlling bizarro Rachel. She sounds like Quinn back when she was rying to run Finn’s life. Quinn demanded Finn give up Glee event hough it made him happy, now Rachel is demanding he give up football.

    Can’t the writers write a non-crazy relationship? Terri, Quinn and Rachel are have acted the same way with their men. It’s the same relationship over and over.

    Or maybe the bangs made her evil? Not liking this season or “new” Rachel.

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