Community, “Accounting for Lawyers”: I quit doing blow, not being rad.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. Oops, they did it again. They did The Redemption of Jeff storyline again, and while the show was also good enough (again) to make it okay, it’s not going to be okay forever. “I think I caught something at Greendale.” Spoiler alert: it was CARING!!!! Womp, womp, wank. No more redemption stories, please. Dan Harmon, you’re on notice.  Again.

But before we got to the redemption, we had Pop and Locktoberfest. Why is that so funny? My English teachers always told me the rhetorical devices can help paint a picture when simple words fail. So, here’s a simile for you.  Community is like a machine gun that fires comedy bullets of different calibers. Physical comedy! Puns! Obscure pop culture references! Laughing at old people! Irreverence! Gay jokes! It never lets up, and it’s got a little something for everyone but mostly for the people like me who have an exceptional sense of humor (and boatloads of modesty). Because that’s what this show reminds me of – my funniest friends at their wittiest with no missed opportunities or wasted lines. And isn’t that what a good half-hour comedy should feel like? Every word adds a little something, and if it’s not laugh-out-loud funny, then it’s helping establish a deeper definition of the great characters or moving the plot forward.

It makes me think of when The Office was really good, and everyone clamored for more. What we got was hour-long episodes that dragged and lacked the quick, rat-a-tat, (onomatopoeia – check!) nonstop hilarity that had made it successful in the first place. So, it’s a cautionary tale, Community – no hour-long episodes.

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again – Community isn’t afraid to be smart and it isn’t afraid to be dumb, and that’s what makes it great (Does that count as personification?)

On the one hand, we’ve got lines like “Winner gets to annex Poland,” and on the other, we’ve got this exchange between Jeff and Pierce:

“Do I have to say it? It’s bad to hunt man for sport.”

“Bad… ass.”

And of course, the scene where Annie complains that even though she’s the smartest one in the group, it sucks that she’s always used as bait, and as her chest jiggles, Troy says

“All I heard was ‘suck.’”

Okay, closing thoughts. It was kind of fun to see Jeff’s “origins” story, as Abed so aptly put it. It was a treat to see the snake lawyer (Boom – metaphor) Jeff used to be and how it colored who he is today. But the best part, BY FAR, was the subtle, hollow sound of Jeff’s handshake with hole-handed firm president Ted, played by guest star Drew Carey (who, for the love of Gandhi, needs a sandwich, stat). I almost died. Well played, Community. Well played.

Great second episode overall. I suppose someday I may have something less-than-glowing to say about Community, but today’s not that day. I love this show. And Joel McHale can join my study group any day. Yup, that’s a euphemism.

Sidenote: I saw Daniel Tosh (the poor man’s Joel McHale) live tonight, and he was pretty good. As someone who’s never completely “gotten” Tosh.0’s appeal, this qualifies as a semi-major development. And, if you were wondering, nine years, two weeks and five days is how long it takes for a national tragedy to be funny.


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