Community, “The Psychology of Letting Go”: Did you guys hear about that turtle in China?

Religion and spirituality again? Spluh. I’m not even five minutes into this episode of Community, and I’ve already got a prediction: Pierce is old! And crazy! And believes in something unconventional, so OBVIOUSLY he must be insane and out of touch and not actually dealing with his emotions, so it’s up to the group to come to his rescue. Like Jeff last week, Pierce is the unwilling recipient of the group’s overwhelming CARING, and at the end of the episode everyone learns A Very Important Lesson. And I’ll bet you a box of Joel McHale hair clippings that Jeff will be uncaring and self-centered and a bit of a jerk until the group finally gets through to him, and he turns it around just in time.

Save. Print. Send. I’m done here.

Oh, it seems there’s still more than half the show left to go, and I’m hoping that the pregnant woman who keeps showing up with Abed in the background of scenes is going to pay off, so I guess I’ll keep watching.

Other stuff that happened:

  • Britta and Annie got into a fight about the fact that they’re both gorgeous women and too many men worship them or something like that. Everyone knows blondes and brunettes are natural enemies.
  • Jeff starts freaking out about the fact that he has slightly elevated cholesterol. A laugh riot.
  • Professor Duncan has a restraining order against Chang, which he uses as a force field. That was actually pretty funny.

Good lines:

  • “If you guys will let me get to the can opener, I will feed you.”
  • RE: the gulf oil spill, “You don’t have to yell at us – nobody is on the other side of this issue.”
  • Did I accidentally tell you that you have AIDS? Because I’ve done that before.”

I give this episode a meh+, and the plus is because my predictions came true. Being right all the time never gets less awesome. And the pregnancy thing with Abed most definitely did not pay off. Weak.

In more-exciting-than-this-episode news, I’m seeing Joel McHale live tomorrow night, so depending on how the night goes, I may be writing my next review from a jail cell as prisoner #9283380 or from my honeymoon as Mrs. Joel McHale. Is kidnapping a felony?


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