30 Rock, “Let’s Stay Together”: It’s an actor me-mergency.

There was a lot to like about last night’s episode. Unfortunately, a lot of that was balanced with stuff that had all been done in previous seasons.

Jack had to testify in front of a Congressional panel over the NBC/KableTown deal. I thought this was handled a lot better in season 2 in episodes like “Cooter.” I did like the way everything came together in the end to make TGS look like one of the most racist shows on TV. I found Jack’s speech to Congresswoman Bookman to be especially relevant, but in the end it wasn’t enough to push the episode over the top.

Trouble in the writers room. And surprise, Liz doesn’t feel appreciated. I actually liked the fact that Liz had Toofer named co-head writer and wished that more time had been given to developing that. It would have at least brought a new dynamic to something we’ve seen several times before.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to like the Kenneth-coming-back story less than I did, but miraculously the show found a way. Faced with the prospect of losing the job he’s already been fired from, Jenna agrees to help him get a leg up. Kind of like that time in “Rosemary’s Baby,” when Kenneth was faced with losing his job and Jenna agreed to help him get a leg up. And what’s worse is that there was no Paul Scheer for Kenneth to play off of. So he’s back, right? We can move on now? Please?

What worked most about this episode were the jokes peppered throughout. Jack telling Liz that in a post-apocalyptic society she could only be used as a radiation canary. Jenna’s me-mergency. The Appleseed family. Dotcom’s TV show, and subsequent rewrite. Putting a bullet in the head of the American farmer (“No! You win!”). The white and colored restrooms. These kept the episode from feeling completely stale, although just barely.


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