Boardwalk Empire, “Broadway Limited”: It’ll only hurt a minute.

I think I’m going to write a ‘Boardwalk Empire’/’Deadwood’ crossover episode in which Lucky Luciano and Al Swearengen have pointy things stuck up their private parts the entire hour. You’re going to hate watching it.

I realize that, like most of the things I write, this is coming super late, so I’ll try not to delve too much into recapping what happened in the episode. What stood out to me most about this episode was the subtle shift we’re beginning to see in characters’ allegiances to one another. First is Nucky, who I still feel to be a little more sentimental than a lot of the mobsters we’ve seen, but still primarily driven by greed and money. When he’s in bed with Lucy and she asks about the two of the possibly having a child together, it seemed like his interest in her was already starting to wane. See? His ALLEGIANCE was SHIFTING to Margaret, who I predict he WILL KISS at some point this season (which admittedly isn’t much of a stretch, but still). And Lucy isn’t just the spoiled child we may have taken her for. The way she lorded her superior status over Margaret in the dress shop was, interesting, to say the least. Although, when she told Margaret that Nucky had a real soft spot for charity cases, she seemed to be saying a lot more about herself than Margaret.

Now that Jimmy’s been “fingered” in the hooch ambush from the pilot, I’m wondering how permanent his split Nucky is going to be. In the promo for tomorrow’s episode, we saw Jimmy in Chicago pulling all sorts of nefarious s**t will Al Capone. I don’t necessarily think that when Jimmy returns to AC he’ll be bigger and badder than ever, but I do think he’ll have a little more to leverage over Nucky.

And speaking of Jimmy, I thought his argument with his wife, his jealousy over that dirty, dirty picture (bare shoulders!) felt a little contrived. Maybe it was his way of blowing something up so he’d have an excuse to take off to Chicago, but I actually enjoyed how sweet and genuine his relationship with his wife was, and the split seemed like something I had seen in almost every husband/wife argument on television.

But the biggest lesson to take away from “Broadway Limited” was, if you ever survive an ambush in the woods, but have a gaping shotgun wound in your stomach, stay as far away from Agent Van Alden as possible. That man proved the lengths he was willing to go to in order to get completely insubstantial evidence that probably wouldn’t hold up in court, amirite? I especially liked the scene with his wife toward the end of the episode, and thought it said a lot more about him that what we had seen before.

From the scuttlebutt going around the Internets, tomorrow’s episode is supposed to be great, with Chalky White (aka Omar) dealing with the fallout from last week’s lynching. Stay tuned.


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